GRACE – Khemigeee (Mp3 + Lyrics)

GRACE - Khemigeee
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Prolific Nigerian gospel music Minister, Khemigeee comes with another brand new single titled “GRACE”. She has recently dished out some songs which has been blessing many people around the globe.

This is for people out there who will not take the grace of God for granted. It is what we don’t deserve but God gave it to us and it is not because we worked for it , not because we are righteous – ROM 11:6
Whatever we do and we are successful in doing it, it’s because God has given us the grace to do it ; our sleeping and waking up , our going out and our coming in is all because of grace and by grace, we are what we are today – 1 Cor. 15:10; For it is by grace, we have been saved – Ephesians 2:8.

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Lyrics: GRACE – Khemigeee
Verse 1:
Your grace is all I see
Everyday, all the time
Not without thy grace
Your grace is enough for me
In the noon, in the night
Not without thy grace.


call. That I woke up

Res. Twas your grace

Call. That I was found

Res. Twas your grace

Call. That you raised me

Res. Twas your grace

Call. Now that I see

Res. It’s your grace

Call. That am alive

Res. It’s your grace

Call that I can make it

Res. It’s your grace

All. Everyday, all the time
Not without thy grace.

Verse 2:
Your grace is all I see every minute,
Every second,
not without thy grace.
Your grace has found me
Everyday, all the time,
I can rely on grace.

Repeat Chorus:

Your grace taught my heart to fear & grace my pain relieve (J-e-s-u-s)
How precious the grace is!
Your grace has found me just as I am(your grace found me Jesus) and by grace, khemigeee is khemigeee.
Grace is my friend (my friend, my companion)
I move and shout and dance because of gracee
Grace woke me up this morning,

Modulate Chorus:
(Sing Chorus twice)
Everyday, all the time,
Not without thy grace.
Oh graceeeee – halleluyah

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