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Chijioke Emmanuel – Chinecherem

Chijioke Emmanuel releases a new single titled in igbo language “Chinecherem” meaning God Is Mindful Of Me

Chijioke Emmanuel is a messianic singer who declares and interprets Gods word through songs.

The song Chinecherem which means God Is Mindful Of Me in igbo language, is designed to bring men to the consciousness that God is mindful of them; not because of what they have done nor failed to do; but because of God’s image in men.

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Lyrics: Chinecherem By Chijioke Emmanuel

The heavens of the heavens
That’s your dwelling place
The spirit of the living word
That’s who you are
You are the quickening spirit
Hovering over the world
Lion of Judah Savour of the world(2x)

Heavens declears your majesty(2x)
Odighi onyedika gi(2x)
Heavens declares your majesty

Response:Ahh ahh
Odighi onyedika gi(2x)

Lead Voice: Odighi onyedika gi
Response: Odighi onyedika gi (5x).
Heavens declears majesty

Chinecherem odighi onyedika gi
Chinecherem oo odighi (8x)

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