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The teaching this morning “When anxiety attacks”! This is a kind of attack that is secret warfare, its kinda like hot flashes.

Philippians 4:5-8: you would be surprise what the world allow you to do if you had moderation. Don’t give up your peace for no thing. He (God) has made the diagnoses, he has prescribed the medication, why are you not taking it?, why do we rise up early and lay down late at night trying to fend for ourselves and fight off a problem that God has already given us a cure for. It is not worry that curses it, is not being manipulative that cures it, it’s not meddling in other people’s decisions that cure it, God said (in phil. 4:8) ”If there be any virtue, if there be any praise” this is how I want to you to think about your situation when anxiety attacks, T.D Jakes had said soberly.

Let’s pray: Spirit of the Lord come, we need you, we need you because we are fighting a spirit, we need, we need a spirit against a spirit. The spirit of anxiety detests the taste of life out of our mouth, the joy of food and peace escapes us, the blessing which they blend to because we are preoccupied with burdens of life. I pray Lord that our jubilation and sorrows will not be used to intoxicate us, but to empower us to overcome the obstacles and issues that all of us can’t fight. Bless your word that is being taught today, in Jesus’ name, Amen.

In the king James words where it tells us to “let your moderation be made known unto all men” don’t skip over top of that because that balance is a part of a key or two, it says the reason you are careful over things is because you are out of balance.

I think moderation is maturity, wisdom is not promised with age, what really brings about maturity is moderation, not going to either extreme, means that you don’t allow yourself to become preoccupied with one aspect of your life. Until you cancel that all other things, that are positive in your life, you have moderations. The enemies’ job is to make you think that all you have is broken loose because you have some hell (difficult situations) in your life.

Understand what you do have other than focusing on what you don’t have is what changes your circumstances. What the enemy threatens you with, he doesn’t have power to do, but he does have the power if you let him antagonize you with the threat.

Your terrorist (challenges) always wants to back you up into a prison that your imagination has created. The terrorist specializes in anxiety, your terrorists (challenges) is new to a country but it is not new to spiritual warfare, it has existed a long time, everybody reading these has his/her own personal terrorist that hurts us, that wakes you up at night and says “I’m gonna attack you”, ‘you’ll never be anything”, “you’ll never own anything”, “you’ll never amount to much” these are the voices that secretly hurt us. The bible commanded us to be careful to be careful I anxious about nothing, not one thing does God want you to be so consumed about that you forfeit your terrorists attacks why do you not value it? It is your peace he (devil) wants, it is not your car, he would take your car, but he is after your peace, the devil don’t drive. He would bring up anything that could, would or even should happen if it is affected at robbing you of your peace. Let nothing take away your peace, be careful for nothing because if you are too careful about it, the terrorist will attack it T.D Jakes had warned.

Now we all have our devils to fight, some of them are ghosts of our past, I (T.D Jakes) know we’ve done some things in our past that continues to hurt our present, that is not what anxiety is made of.

Anxiety is not about regret of the past mistakes or guilt or remorse. Anxiety is after you’ve overcome all issues of the past, anxiety is the worry the enemy wants you to get about your future, he keeps you hooked up between your past and the future, and all he needs to is threaten you and your possibilities. I (T.D Jakes) don’t know who could be reading these, but I’m gonna tell you to be careful for nothing.


Anxiety wins when you shut up. All three weapons require that you speak, as long as you suffer in silence, the enemy wins.

  1. PRAYER you need enough prayer to fight with, but now if there is no entertainment people don’t go to church, they’ve traded edification for entertainment and they’ve brought that warless spirit into the house of God and they are looking for a “Michael Jackson and all of those people in church”, but prayer doesn’t draw you to the house of God and that is why devil is beating you up cause you’re making a lot of noise but you don’t have prayer. Say to yourself “Open your mouth”, you need to pray.
  2. SUPPLICATION it’s in the prayer family. It’s the act of laying down yourself, it’s the act of prostrating yourself in the presence of God, it is the act of humility. When you supplicate, the battle is not yours but God’s. And you can only pray like that when you know who God is in you.
  3. THANKSFULNESS anytime terrorists (challenges) oppress you, start counting your blessings, start recognizing and remembering that everything he (terrorists) is threatening you with, the Lord has already given them to you, he couldn’t threaten to steal it, if it wasn’t yours in the first place. It might not be much, it might be just 2 fishes and 5 loaves of bread but lift it up and say father I thank you. Thank him for the job you do, even when you don’t like it, thank him for the people that get on your nerves. He (the devil) just wants you to be miserable but the bible says he (the devil) cannot curse what God has blessed. He (the devil) wants to stop you from enjoying the blessings that God has given you when anxiety attacks.

Then there is this “peace” that originates from God, this “peace” originates from hanging around God: this peace you now have, the world didn’t give it to you and so the enemy can’t take it away. It is the peace of God. Anytime you can hear bad news and still have a good attitude that is the peace of God. Phil. 4:7 this peace that God gives is unimaginable, it’s ridiculous.

Anytime you should/suppose to be happy, and the enemy knows he can’t stop God from blessing you, he (enemy) sends a terrorist (challenge) to your “supposed happy place” In 1 Kings 19:1-8: Ahab told Jezebel all that Elijah had done, Elijah was about to be attacked not because he was weak, not because he was stupid, he was attacked because he was good and he was strong and he was powerful. And the enemy would not attack you if he wasn’t afraid of you, that’s why he (enemy) is coming after you, because he knows the power of God that has been released…

When Ahab told Jezebel what Elijah had done, success put him on a hit list. You win your way into your next battle, “the reward for winning your last battle is your next battle” that’s how to know you’ve passed unto the next level. So Ahab has talked to Jezebel about Elijah and Elijah was no where around but “terrorism doesn’t work if you don’t hear about it.

Jezebel threatened to do to Elijah what he had done to the prophets of Baal in 24 hours but the threat didn’t work if Elijah didn’t hear about it because a threat is nothing without a messenger. So there will always be somebody who makes sure you hear about what could have happened and what might happen. Now Elijah was running for his life and when he got to “bear sheba” he left his servant there because anxiety always replaces you in isolation.

I (T.D Jakes) don’t know who might be reading this but, the Lord says “The threat is over”. Tell yourself “I’ve made it through today. The Lord said you have passed your state of limitations, if the enemy was gonna do it, it had to do it 24 hours, this is your 25th hour give God the Praise.



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